The Video Blueprint is the ultimate step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks system for creating your own promotional videos at home without any experience...
even if you haven't got any budget, have never been on camera and don't know how to start.


Did you know that using video makes it 80% more likely your prospect will turn into a paying customer?

You know that in today's market, you need great online videos. 

There's just 3 little problems...

You've no idea where to start

They didn't teach this stuff at school!
Video marketing snuck up when you weren't looking and now..suddenly...every kid on the block is YouTubing and raking in the cash and you just don't know how to make videos for your business that will look professional instead of embarrassing.

You can't afford the expense

Excuse me, but you're not made of money.
Small businesses just don't have bucket
loads of cash hiding under the mattress, just waiting for the day you can hand
it over to some expensive video production company or buy an entire suite of expensive, professional equipment.

You've never been on camera

Most people are more afraid of speaking in public than death!

The idea of speaking on camera and then
BEAMING IT OUT TO THE WORLD reduces you to a shivering mess in the corner. You're not a Kardashian.


Finally, there's a way you

  • Setup your studio on a shoestring budget, so you can look professional without all the expensive bells & whistles

  •  ​Be confident getting in front of the camera, knowing you're presenting the way you want

  •  ​Know exactly what to wear and say on camera, so your video will help you sell more

  •  ​Make sure your videos are seen by more people, so you're reaching more potential customers

  •  Get the tricks of the trade, without having to pay 'experts' to do it

And I promise you this: it's going to be broken down, step by step, so that you can implement this right away in your business without having any previous experience! 


What's included...

  • 10+ video lessons - Step by step instructions on how to setup your studio, edit your videos, host them online..and even what to wear, how to speak on camera and more!
    (value $497)

  •  Script templates​- My exact "fill in the
    blanks" formula for writing video sales scripts that help you sell more
    (value $497)

  •  Studio shopping list - How to setup your home or office studio on a shoestring budget
    (value $97)

  •  Video selection guide - how to make sure you're choosing the right kind of video for your business
    (value $97)

  •  BONUS: Production Planner​- Guiding you through each step as you make your videos, so you don't miss anything  
    (value $197)

  •  BONUS: Animation Demonstrations – Watch me create professional looking animated videos, so you can too
    (value $197)

  •  BONUS: Getting More From Your Videos - My Six Secret Tips to making the most out of every video you make
    (value $97)

  •  BONUS: Logo Animation Guide - The fastest way to create a professional looking animation of your logo for the end of  each video
    (value $97)

Total Value: $1776

Today's Price: $47

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