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Workshop Facilitation

"Emily is a fantastic facilitator and can captivate a room of stakeholders at any level"

All workshops can be run face-to-face or virtually, using online tools that facilitate engaging interaction while working from home


A Strategy Day that delivers

Creativity without strategy is just art.

Yet too many teams dream up ideas, fall in love with ideas and jump straight into action, without first determining whether they're on strategy.  And that's where things become unstuck.

This facilitated strategy day is designed for team's beginning their annual planning process, or wanting an ad hoc strategy review. The answers are often within you, but the right facilitation can bring them out, structure them and get everyone onto the same page.

Through a series of activities, you'll be guided through a day that will deliver a structured, concise plan which can be used to anchor your decisions for the year ahead. 

Defining your team's purpose

Withour a unifying purpose, it's impossible to reach your goal.

Through this series of focus groups and workshops, we'll uncover your team's driving motivation, what they hope to achieve and how they want to be seen.   They'll feel completely involved and in the driving seat as a team purpose is developed and unveiled by their leadership and - most importantly - it will motivate them to bring their best to work each day.

In a day free of 'waffle' you can expect and action-packed agenda that will have you leaving with tangible actions that will drive results.

Suitable for teams of 50+ or as a single day for smaller teams.

Leadership team united

Through this bespoke team day, your leadership team will come together to ideate, craft and agree how they'll work together to drive their team's success.

Through a combination of interactive exercises, designed to unleash everyone's inner creativity, we'll take a key step in developing a united team with a clear focus and remit. 

Ideal for post-restructure and teams under new leadership. Also suitable for a half-day lead in to a team social activity.

Marketing Kick-off Workshop

For businesses needing to out-source their marketing efforts. A half-day workshop with appropriate staff to:

  • Agree business goals & discuss how marketing should support them

  • Define target audience and/or segments

  • Review past marketing outcomes & identify opportunities for improvement

  • Brainstorm preliminary marketing tactics

  • Brainstorm key messages for future use​

Includes preparation of workshop, 4 hour workshop and documentation of discussion and outcomes. 

You may choose to take the workshop outcomes and move forward with them yourself or to work with us to develop a marketing plan and coordinate your other marketing resources/activities.